ITAR – Process a Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)

Conditions: You are the HR NCO and receive an Operation Order (OPORD) for Alpha Company’s Change of Command. As a result, you are responsible for reviewing and processing the Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI). You have access to an AAA-162 (Unit Personnel Accountability Report (UPAR)), AAA-165 (Unit Personnel Accountability Notices (UPAN)), DA Form 3986-R (Personnel Asset Inventory), AR 600-8-6 (Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting), documentation indicating the reason a Soldier is not physically at formation, and standard office supplies and equipment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: With a minimum of 70% accuracy, review the UPAR and UPAN, verify correct completion of DA Form 3986-R, and route the completed PAI to higher headquarters or servicing Military Personnel Division (MPD), as appropriate.