Process Indebtness Transactions

Conditions: You are a pay analyst working in the Military Pay section. You receive the daily indebtedness report. You have access to all applicable AC/RC finance regulations, Defense Joint Military System, Defense Milpay Office (DMO), all required office equipment, Automated Data System Manual Reserve Component (ADSM-RC), Department of Defense (DD) Form 139 Pay Adjustment Authorization, DD Form 200 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Lost (FLIPL), and DD Form 362 Statement of Charges. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: With 100% accuracy, you must demonstrate proficiency to:

1. Identify sources of debt for AC/RC

2. Determine justification for debt for AC/RC

3. Input transactions in DMO

805A-36B-1008 Process Indebtness Transactions