Profession of Arms

The Profession of Arms Attributes

Expertise – How do we become experts?

Technical/Tactical – specific knowledge, skills, behaviors (KSBs)

Professional Development – Military Education (train, educate, assess, and develop leaders)

Moral-Ethical – Rules of Engagement

Professional Relationships – political/cultural, civil-military relations, language and culture understanding, communication, cooperation, and collaboration

Trust with American society and our Soldiers to do right thing ethically and morally

Practice – repetitive exercise of discretionary judgment while employing KSBs

Culture – selfless service to the nation and ethos toward the Army and its mission

Ethics – Army Values internalized are manifested in the character of professionals

Warrior Ethos   discipline, commitment to the Army Values, and pride

– Do what is right, Member of a Team / Camaraderie

– Perishable, must reinforce

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