ITAR – Review Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Dropped From Rolls (DFR) Packets

Conditions: You are assigned as an HR NCO are required to review a Dropped From Rolls (DFR) packet for accuracy and completeness on a Soldier who has been Absent Without Leave (AWOL) for more than 30 consecutive days. ́ You have access to all required administrative publications, forms, human resources (HR) enabling systems, and standard office supplies. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Ensure all documents required for a DFR packet are obtained, assembled, and scanned to servicing Deserter Control Officer (DCO), Military Personnel Division (MPD) or U.S. Army Deserter Information Point (USADIP) (as appropriate), NLT 5 days after the 31st day of AWOL.