Sustainment Unit Training Resource Guide

The Army Training Network, AR 350-1, ADP 7-0, ADRP 7-0, FM 7-0 and GTA 07-09-003 (The Army’s Methodology for Training) assist Army personnel in achieving the Army’s Number 1 Priority: Readiness. This graphic training aid (GTA) provides sustainment unit training and doctrine resources to assist in the training effort.

Resources are divided into individual and collective, logistics, personnel services, health services support, and sustainment estimate resources based on the website’s designed purpose.

– Provides sustainment leaders with additional training tools to assist in reaching training proficiency.

– Accessed in Central Army Registry ( and on the Sustainment Unit One Stop Portal (SUOS) (

– This document supersedes TC 4-0.01, Sustainment Training Strategy and Guide. Updated information previously located in TC 4-0.01 transferred to the SUOS Portal and managed by Proponent Leads.