Action: Demonstrate TOPMIS

Conditions: Given access to a computer with the Citrix and TOPMIS programs loaded and internet connection and awareness of the Operational Environment (OE), variables and actors.

Standard: Retrieve data from TOPMIS:

  1. Produce Officer Record Briefs (ORBs), Request For Orders (RFOs), and Promotion Orders from eTOPMIS
  2. Conduct a data element search with Technical Environment Support System (TESS)
  3. Produce ORBs from TOPMISII
  4. Update Officer Records using Officer Record Data (ORD)
  5. Demonstrate query capabilities
  6. Produce RFOs and Requisition Reports from TOPMIS II
  7. Produce a strength report
  8. Demonstrate TOPMIS file utilities capabilities

Lesson Content



FM 1-0 (Human Resource Support)

AR 600-8 – Military Personnel Management

AR 600-8-2 – Suspension Of Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAGS)

AR 600-8-22 – Military Awards

AR 600-8-104 – Military Personnel Information Management Records

AR 611-6 – Army Linguist Management

AR 614-30 – Overseas Service

AR 614-100 – Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers