WTSP 14-TS-2113 Maintain Financial Management Systems (Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU))

Maintain Financial Management Systems



The Sustainment Brigade has deployed in support of units engaged in Unified Land Operations and directed the FMSU to maintain
Financial Management (FM) systems. The FMSU has stationed its subordinate Financial Management Support Detachments (FMSDs) throughout the
unit’s area of responsibility (AOR). Finance transactions are being made. All deployed automated systems are operational and loaded with current
software. Data is being received from higher headquarters. Connectivity to the NIPRNET has been established. The FMSU is conducting operations in a
dynamic and complex operational environment (OE) against a hybrid threat. Local standing operating procedures (SOP), AR 25-1, AR 380-5, DODFMR
7000.14-R and FM 1-06 are available. Conventional attacks by hostile aircraft and operations by ground elements are possible. Threat capabilities
include information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, and terrorist activities in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield
Explosives (CBRNE) environment. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

All data is uploaded and downloaded with 100 percent accuracy. Specified financial reports are provided within established timelines and
in accordance with (IAW) DODFMR 7000.14-R. Access to automated equipment is restricted to authorized personnel. Automated information systems
security practices, policies, and procedures are established, applied and maintained.

Collective Tasks

14-CO-8019 Maintain Financial Management Systems (Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU))

Individual Tasks

BOLC805A-36A-6016Conduct e-Commerce Operations

63-CO-0727 Conduct Unit Defense

Individual Tasks

052-195-2000Direct Construction of Fighting Positions in the Field
071-022-0014Construct a Fighting Position for a Caliber .50 M2
Machine Gun
071-025-0007Engage Targets with an M240B/M240L Machine Gun
071-025-0008Construct a Fighting Position for an M240B/M240L
Machine Gun
071-030-0004Engage Targets with a MK19 Grenade Machine Gun
071-030-0013 Construct a Fighting Position for an MK19 Grenade
Machine Gun
071-313-3454Engage Targets with a Caliber .50 M2 Series Machine
071-326-5704Supervise Construction of a Fighting Position
071-326-5770Prepare a Sector Sketch
071-326-5771Prepare a Squad/Section Sector Sketch
071-COM-0030Engage Targets with an M16-Series Rifle/M4-Series
071-COM-4408Construct Individual Fighting Positions

55-CO-4830 Conduct Expeditionary Deployment Operations

Individual Tasks

551-88A-1203Define Roles and Responsibilities of Supporting Staff
Elements During Movement Operations
551-88A-1204Develop Unit Movement Plan
551-88A-1205Conduct Unit Movement Operations
551-88A-1207Identify Movement Requirements for Hazardous,
Classified, and Sensitive Cargo
551-88A-1209Plan Convoy Operations
551-88A-1210Conduct Convoy Operations
551-88A-1211Identify the Capabilities of Transportation Automation
Information Systems
551-88A-1219Identify Rail Capabilities in Support of Department of
Defense Operations
551-88A-1222Identify Air Terminal Operations
551-88A-1223Coordinate Movement of Personnel and Cargo by Air
551-88A-9011Manage Company Command Post Operations
551-88A-9021Plan Rail Head Operations
551-88A-9042Evaluate Unit Air Loading Plan
551-88A-9043Manage Preparation of Cargo, Equipment, and
Personnel for Onward Movement by Aircraft
551-88A-9050Manage Movement of Personnel, Supplies, and
551-88A-9089Direct Preparation of Unit Movement Data
551-COM-1204Plan Unit Deployment
551-COM-1658Prepare Vehicle for Convoy Operations


ATP 3-21.8Infantry Platoon and Squad
TC 3-21-76Ranger Handbook
TC 4-11.46Sustainment Unit Gunnery and Live Fire
Exercise Strategy
ATP 3-35Army Deployment and Redeployment
FM 1-06Financial Management Operations
DODFMR 7000.14-RDepartment of Defense Financial Management Regulations (FMRS) (Volumes 1-15)
SUSTAINMENT UNIT TRAINING RESOURCE GUIDESustainment Unit Training Resource Guide (Electronic Copy)
Sustainment Unit Training Resource Guide (Print Ready)

Note:   All Resources can be found at the Army’s Publishing Directorate: https://armypubs.army.mil/

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