Adjutant General Advanced Leader Course


The Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course is a residential course which trains HR Sergeants on operational/tactical HR programs, processes, systems, and plans. The focus of this course is on planning and executing HR support at battalion-level and higher organizations with special emphasis on doctrinal responsibilities. The graduate will be able to teach, evaluate, counsel junior leaders, conduct collective training, and lead Soldiers in the Operational Environment not only at the platoon level but also company level actions. The Advanced Leaders Course produces Noncommissioned Officers capable of both doctrinally sound and technically proficient in planning and executing HR support within a Battalion S-1 or SRC 12 organization capable of effective communication, critical and creative thinking HR planners.

Module A: Conduct Essential Leadership Training

Identify Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course

Think Critically and Creatively

Integrate the Role and use of Adjutant General Branch History for Leaders

Effective Writing for Army Leaders

Conduct a Facilitated Article Discussion

Communicate the Principles of IPPS-A

Module B: Common Core Competencies (NCCC)

Course Overview

Contemporary Issues

Army Discipline and Standards

The Army Leader

Coaching, Counseling, and Mentorship

Research and Case Studies 

Persuasive Essay

Military Briefings

Mission Orders and the Military Decision Making Process

Physical Fitness Program

The Army's Maintenance Program

Build Trust in Teams

Training Management

Talent Management

Module C: Enduring Essential Human Resources Function 

Review the Human Resources Organizational Structure

Perform Joint Human Resources Operations

Communicate the Human Resources Military Decision Making Process

Module D: Provide Human Resource Services

Review the Role of the S-1

Manage Emergency Notification Data

Calculate Entitlement to Military Pay and Allowances Status

Manage the Enlisted Promotion Process

Conduct the Evaluation Process

Review an Award Recommendation

Manage the Soldier Talent Profile 

Establish a Record Using the Army Records Information Management System

Review a Request for Leave 

Review a Casualty Report 

Review a Military Correspondence 

Perform Administrative Functions in IPPS-A

Module E: Implement Man the Force

Process Personnel Information Management

Process a Personnel Asset Inventory

Conduct Personnel Readiness Management 

Conduct Personnel Accountability in the System of Record

Review a Dropped from Roll Packet

Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability System 

Perform Tactical Personnel System Functions

Prepare the Unit Status Report

Review the Human Resources Authorization Report  

Employ the Sustainment Tactical Network (STN)

Analyze Personnel HR Metrics

Communicate the Personnel Readiness Process

Process a Strength Report

Manage IPPS-A Enterprise Learning

Process the Enlisted Assignment Function

Module F: Conduct Culminating Training Event

Conduct Culminating Training Event