Adjutant General Captains Career Course


The primary emphasis of training is on providing tactical and operational level HR training to AOC 42B officers at the company grade level. This course prepares officers to develop, interpret, plan, integrate, coordinate, and implement the Army’s HR programs and policies for the military and civilian work force at the Battalion and Brigade levels. The training will focus on HR technical and wartime functions to include: personnel accountability operations; casualty operations and systems; personnel readiness management (PRM); unit readiness; and strength reporting; essential personnel services; unit level HR and commanders’ programs; HR personnel information management systems; human resources management operational planning; and joint doctrine overview and personnel services. Additionally, training will focus on developing advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities, managerial techniques, and character attributes required in a good leader.

Module A: Common Core

Captain Career Common Core

Module B: Man the Force

Analyze Personnel Readiness Summary

Analyze Unit Status Reporting Data

Apply Personnel Accountability Procedures

Apply Principles of Talent Management

Conduct Force Management System Functions (AOS/ADS)

Employ the Medical Protection System

Establish an HR Organizational Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) (ICI) CIP) Program

Implement Personnel Readiness Management Processes

Manage Personnel Strength Data

Implement Mobilization and Deployment Processing Procedures

Perform Casualty Operations Procedures

Implement Crew Manning

Communicate the Deployed Theater Accountability System Functionality

Manage Enlisted Distribution and Assignments

Implement Joint HR Operations

Manage Officer Distribution and Assignments

Implement Personnel Information Management

Perform Tactical Personnel System Functions

Module C: Provide HR Services

Administer the Evaluations Reporting Program

Administer the iPERMS and Personnel/Finance Records Review Program

Administer the Enlisted Promotions Program

Analyze Military Pay and Allowances

Communicate Command Interest Programs

Organize the MWR Support Plan for Deployed Forces

Review the Officer Promotions Program

Facilitate the Military Awards Program

Conduct Postal Operations Plans and Policies

Validate Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions

Module D: Enduring Essential HR Functions

Communicate Theater HR Operations

Develop an HR Planning and Operations Staff Product Using MDMP

Conduct an HR Plans and Ops Capstone Brief and ROC Drill

Establish HR Mission Command Nodes

Module E: S1 Essentials & Professional Development

Conduct the Role of the S1 Briefing

Conduct the Soldier for Life and Credentialing Briefing

Conduct a Staff Ride and Briefing

Communicate the Total Army Briefing

Module F: HR Systems / Enabling Skills

Analyze OBIEE Functionality

Apply the Components of Data Literacy I

Apply the Components of Data Literacy II

Apply the Components of Data Literacy III

Analyze Data Analytics 201

Analyze Data Analytics 202

Develop Advanced Databases and Visualization Skills Using Interactive Dashboards

Communicate Principles of IPPS-A

Demonstrate the Total Officer Personnel Management Info System (TOPMIS)

Develop IPPS-A Queries Perform eMILPO & Datastore Functions

Prepare Microsoft Excel Charts and Tables

Manage DoD and DA Civilian Personnel Actions