Human Resources Specialist Course (42A AIT)


The 42A Human Resources Specialist Course is designed for personnel attending Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and has, or anticipates, an assignment as a Human Resources Specialist. The course also enables qualification of individual Soldiers with prior service to the requirements of skill level one. The course trains Human Resources skills in Human Resources Systems and Brigade Combat Team (BCT) S1 actions to include Interpret Army Publications; Perform Microsoft Office Functions (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) in Army e-Learning; Identify Human Resources Systems; Maintain Records; Interpret the Soldier Talent Profile (STP); Produce Ad Hoc Query; Prepare Suspension of Favorable Personnel Action; Process a Request for Personnel Actions; Prepare a Dropped from Rolls Packet; Process Recommendation for Award; Prepare Personnel Strength Accountability Updates in System of Record; Refine a Unit Strength Reconciliation; Maintain Emergency Notification Data; Prepare a Casualty Report; Prepare a Strength Accounting Report; Process a Request for Leave; Process a Decentralized Promotion; Review Semi-Centralized Promotions; Interpret Entitlements to Pay and Allowances; Communicate the Principles of IPPS-A; Prepare Personnel HR Metrics; Identify the Army Structure and HR Support Doctrine; Perform Human Resources (HR) Systems Function (DL); Perform Tactical Human Resources Functions; Conduct Human Resources Deployment Operations; Employ Command Post of the Future (CPOF) in Support of the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP); Perform Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) Operations, and the Army Profession.


Module A: Man the Force (Technical)

805C-42A1257 Prepare a Strength Accounting Report

805C-42A1307 Produce an Ad Hoc Query

805C-42A1315 Prepare Personnel Strength Accountability Updates

805C-42A1316 Prepare a Dropped from Rolls Packet

805C-42A1319 Identify the Human Resources Systems

805C-42A1323 Refine a Unit Strength Readiness Roster

805C-42A1324 Prepare Personnel HR Metrics Program

Module B: Provide HR Services (Technical)

805C-42A1043 Maintain a Record Using the Army Records Information Management System

805C-42A1208 Process a Recommendation for Award

805C-42A1219 Review Semi-Centralized Promotions

805C-42A1232 Process a Decentralized Promotion

805C-42A1250 Process a Request for Leave

805C-42A1255 Prepare a Casualty Report

805C-42A1265 Maintain Emergency Notification Data

805C-42A1284 Prepare a Suspension of Favorable Personnel Action

805C-42A1291 Process a Request for Personnel Action

805C-42A1301 Communicate the Principles of the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A)

805C-42A1303 Interpret Entitlement to Pay and Allowances

805C-42A1304 Interpret the Soldier Talent Profile (STP)

805C-42A1310 Interpret Army Publications

805C-42A1311 Identify Army Structure and Human Resources Support Doctrine

805C-42A1302 Perform MS Office Functions

Module C: Mandatory Training

158-IMT0008 The Army Profession

805C-42A1419M Communicate the History of the Adjutant General’s Corps

615-AC001 Conduct Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

Module D: Administrative Time

805C-42A1417A Conduct HR AIT Course Administrative Requirements

805C-42A1418A Conduct HR MOS-T Course Administrative Requirements

IN163341 Tier III Transgender Training

012-GS-0001 Army Traffic Safety Program

615-A0102 Effects of Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment on the Army Profession

805A-AAF6B101 Perform Personal Financial Management


Module E: Culminating Training Event

113-25U1C12 Perform Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) Operations

805C-42A1308 Perform Tactical Human Resources Functions

805C-CAB2A101 Transport Sustainment Tactical Network

805C-42A1309 Conduct Human Resources Deployment Operations

805C-42A1330 Employ CPOF in Support of MDMP