Human Resources Specialist SLC

SLC Course Reference Material

Module A: Essential Leadership Training

Profession of Arms 

Integrate the role and use of Military History for Leaders in the Profession of Arms
Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) 

Discuss Soldier 2020

Identify Impacts of Denied, Degraded, Disrupted Space Operational Environment (D3SOE) on Army Operations

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Introduction of Inclusion 

Conduct Senior Leader Discussion

MPTK Overview (Pending Content)

Module B: NCO Common Core Competencies

SLC Common Core References


The Analytical Essay 

Course Overview 

Contemporary Issues

The Ethical Leader 

Give Feedback, Coach, and Mentor 

Analyze a Leadership Case Study 

The Combined Arms Team 

Active and Reserve Component Capabilities 

Mission Command Warfighting Function 

Inform and Influence Audiences 

The Rapid Decision and Synchronization Process (RDSP) 

Mission Briefings

Planning and Mission Rehearsals

The Basic Principles of Negotiations 

Training Management Plan 

Physical Fitness Program for a Platoon 

The Army Maintenance Program at the Platoon/Section Level 

Talent Management 

Financial Readiness

Module C: Enduring Essential Human Resources Functions

Conduct Force Management Functions

Analyze Human Resources Planning Considerations

FM 3-0 Operations 

Plan for Joint HR Operations 

Conduct a Facilitated Group Discussion on Enduring Essential Human Resources (Pending Content)

Communicate Theater Human Resources Operations to include Rules of Allocation

Examine the Role of  the HR Planner 

Module D: Man the Force

Coordinate Theater Personnel Information Management (PIM)

Direct Deployed Personnel Accountability

Implement Deployed Personnel Strength Reporting

Conduct Course Training Overview 

Review a Human Resources Metrics Program

Organize the Personnel Readiness Process

Direct Personnel Readiness Management (PRM) Consideration 

Interpret Unit Status Reporting Data (USR) 

HR Talent Management

Conduct a Facilitated Group Discussion on Leadership (Pending Content)

Conduct a Facilitated Group Discussion on Man the Force (Pending Content)

Manage Enlisted Strength 

Conduct HR Plans and Operations Capstone Brief (Orders Brief) (Pending Content)

Module E: Provide HR Services

Coordinate Deployed Casualty Operations

Coordinate Deployed Postal Operations

Interpret Military Pay (MILPAY) and Allowances

Conduct a Facilitated Group Discussion on HR Services (Pending Content)

Review the Evaluation Reporting System Status 

Module F: Human Resources Systems

Comprehensive Assessment  (Pending Content)

Perform Datastore Functions (Pending Content)

Demonstrate (EDAS) (Pending Content)

Develop an Ad Hoc Query

Conduct Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

Conduct Deployed Theater Accountability System (DTAS) Overview

Conduct Tactical Personnel System (TPS) Overview

Employ Electronic Military Personnel Office (Emilpo) and Datastore functions  (Pending Content)

Conduct Force Management System Web Overview (FMS Web)

Demonstrate the Defense Casualty Information Processing – Personnel Casualty Report (DCIPS-CR)

IPPS-A  Fundamentals

Communicate the Principles of IPPS-A

Module G: STAFFEX Using MDMP

Conduct HR Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) using the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Module H: Culminating Training Event

Conduct Culminating Training Event / Field Training Exercise