Adjutant General Warrant Officer Basic Course


This course is designed to provide warrant officers with the Army officer foundation values, attributes, and skills while continuing to develop the basic leadership skills and individual self-confidence necessary to meet branch specific challenges. The course teaches fundamental individual skills (technical competence), basic proficiency in Army tactical doctrine, and the Warrior Ethos and ethics in order for the newly appointed warrant officer to be ready for their initial assignment in Brigades and Brigade Combat Teams. The course provides military human resources principles and procedures training in the four core competencies of the AG Corps. The four core competencies are Man the Force, Provide HR Services, Coordinate Personnel Support, and Conduct HR Plans and Operations. The training includes Leadership, Human Resource technical subjects, Human Resource Systems, Common Military Training, and Military Pay Entitlements.

Module A: Man the Force

Perform Personnel Information Management

Administer Personnel Readiness Management

Administer a HR Metrics Program

Report Personnel Accountability

Manage Enlisted Distribution and Assignments

Manage Officer Distribution and Assignments

Prepare Unit Personnel Strength Data

Review Personnel Readiness Data for USR

Module B: Provide HR Services

Administer Awards and Decorations Program

Review Enlisted Promotions and Selections

Facilitate the Evaluations Reporting Program

Implement Casualty Operations Program

Analyze Military Pay and Allowances

Perform Personnel Office Computations

Review Officer Promotions and Selections

Module C: Enabling Skills/Knowledge

Apply the Principles of Effective Writing

Demonstrate the DCIPS

Demonstrate TOPMIS II

Employ Deployed Theater Accountability Software(DTAS)

Employ the Common Operating Picture Synchronizer(COPS)

Navigate Human Resources (HR) Websites

Overview of Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System(EDAS)

Perform Datastore Functions/HR Systems Assessment

Perform eMILPO Functions

Perform Tactical Personnel System(TPS)Functions

Prepare Correspondence as an S1 Staff Officer

Prepare Information Briefings

PSDR Overview

Module D: Common Core

Army Special Operations Forces

Communicate Effectively At The Direct Leadership Level

Communicate in Writing

Comply with the Fundamentals of Property Accountability

Composite Risk Management (CRM)

Conduct Operations in a Degraded Space Environment

Critical and Creative Thinking

Cyber Electromagnetic Activities

Determine the Fundamentals of Property Accountability

Employ the Army Ethics

Engage Cross-Culturally

Equal Opportunity

Holistic Health and Fitness-H2F

Identify Army Special Operations Forces

Identify the Basic Concepts of Army Leadership Doctrine

Identify the steps of the Military Decision-Making Process

Identify the steps of the Military Problem Solving Process

Identity Climate and Culture

Integrate the role and use of Military History for Leaders in the Profession of Arms

Introduction to Inclusion (MEO Level 5)

Overview of Military Justice

Perform Effectively in an Operational Environment

Perform Salutes Honors and Courtesies of the Service

Prepare for Subordinate Counseling

Risk Management (RM)

Role and use of Military History for Leaders in the Profession of Arms

The Army Ethics and Operations Program

Think Critically and Creatively

Transition into a Direct Leadership Position

WOBC Military Justice

Module E: Leadership

AG Branch Brief

Determine the role of the Human Resource Warrant Officer

Role of the HR Technician

Overview of the Adjutant General Corps (History of the AG Corps)

Roles of the Warrant Officer

Module F: Mandatory Training

Conduct and Ethics Brief 

Module G: Exercises

Conduct a Command Post Exercise (CPX)/FTX)

Conduct Human Resources Planning using Military Decision Making Process

Develop HR Planning and Operations Staff Products Using MDMP

Establish HR Data Voice Communications Nodes VSAT

Joint Capabilitieis Release (JCR) Operations


HR TECH WOBC Day in the Life of an HR Technician


WOBC Timeline

Module H: Administrative And Miscellaneous Briefs

Administrative and Miscellaneous Briefs


Communicate the Principles of IPPS-A