ITAR – Administer Strength Reporting Information

Conditions: You are a CP50 employee in the grade of GS 9-13 assigned at echelons above brigade. You have been directed to administer the strength reporting (SR) of your organization to ensure it establishes and maintains proper strength reporting (SR) processes and procedures that enable your commander / director to make proper decisions on personnel readiness. You have access to the Army’s Manning Guidance, AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers), AR 614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management), AR 600-8-6 (Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting), DA PAM 600-3 (Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management), to AR 600-8-6 (Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting), FM 1-0 (Human Resources Support), and HR enabling systems. Standard MOPP 4 conditions do not exist for this task. See the MOPP 4 statement for specific conditions.

Standards: Supervise the collection and processing of strength data to provide 100% accurate reporting to higher headquarters in order to report your unit’s readiness levels. Implement personnel strength procedures to maintain and report 100% assigned and attached personnel.