Administer the Evaluation Reporting System

Action: Administer the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS)

Conditions: Given classroom instruction, AR 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System), DA PAM 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System), ADRP 6-22 (Army Leadership), U.S. Army Performance Evaluation Guide and awareness of Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

Standard: Complete all assigned ERS Practical Exercises and score 70% or higher on a knowledge based exam that includes the following enabling learning activities:

  1. Communicate the principles of the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS).
  2. Identify different types of evaluations.
  3. Determine rating chain qualifications and responsibilities.
  4. Determine counseling requirements that support ERS.
  5. Apply the principles of the Evaluation Report Redress Program, including the Commander’s Inquiry and the Appeals Process.
  6. Determine the requirements for completion and submission of Evaluation Reports.
  7. Define the Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report.
  8. Define the Officer Evaluation Report.
  9. Communicate the Evaluation Entry System (EES).
  10. Identify Rater/Senior Rater Profile management actions.

Lesson Content

s1 ers off pe1 evaluation reporting system.pdf

s1 ers nco pe1 evaluation reporting system.pdf

s1 new oer spt form 67 10 1a.pdf

s1 administer the evaluation reporting system.pptx

summary of changes administer the evaluation reporting system.pdf


AR 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System)

DA PAM 623-3 (Evaluation Reporting System)

ADRP 6-22 (Army Leadership)

U.S. Army Performance Evaluation Guide