Common Faculty Development – Instructor Course (CFD-IC)

Common Faculty Development – Instructor Course (CFD-IC)


To prepare new faculty to teach, train, and facilitate learning in an adult learning environment.


Army instructors will understand— 

their roles and responsibilities, teaching and learning models, and professional and ethical requirements.

Army instructors will learn—

classroom management techniques, how to build learning objectives and lesson plans, and characteristics of effective communication.

Course Information


Note: AS=Advanced Sheet LP=Lesson Plan SL=Slides
Lesson 1 Overview
Lesson 2 Fundamentals of Adult Teaching and Learning
Lesson 3 Foundations of Adult Learning
Lesson 4 Foundations of Instruction (Experiential Learning)
Lesson 5 Formative Practicums (ELM)
Lesson 6 ACT tools and GTM techniques
Lesson 7 Foundations of Instruction (Direct Instruction)
Lesson 8 Formative Practicums (Direct Instruction)
Lesson 9.2 Army Instructor as a Professional w Risk Management
Lesson 10 Foundations of Instruction (Collaborative Interactive Instruction)
Lesson 11 Final Practicums (Summative)