Essential Personnel Services


Essential personnel services functions are initiated by the Soldier, unit commanders, unit leaders, G-1/AGs and S-1s, or from the top of the HR system (HRC). FM 1-0, Table 4-1 depicts the responsibilities for EPS functions. The majority of EPS actions are processed via eMILPO, RLAS, and SIDPERS-ARNG, with documentation added to the AMHRR. However, there are some actions that must be processed separately by the commander or S-1 (e.g., congressional inquiries, customer service, and participation in boards) . Typical actions initiated by Soldiers are requests for DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action), requests for leave or pass, updates to family member information for record of emergency data or life insurance elections, and updates to allotments, savings bonds, and/or direct deposit. Typical actions initiated by commanders include request for awards or decorations, promotions, reductions, and bars to reenlistment. Evaluation reports are normally initiated by the supervisor at all levels.