Human Resources Technician Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE) Follow-on Course


To close technical gaps identified in WO PME review to develop strategic level HR technicians prepared to serve in successive ACOM/ASCC/COCOM and Army-level assignments supporting GO and enterprise HR requirements. consolidate gains as part of unified action (ADP 3-0). The sustainment of unified land operations requires a continuous link between the strategic and operational levels.

Module A: Conduct Course Introduction

Conduct Course Introduction

Module B: Assess HR Organizations

Analyze The Army Strategic Governance

Evaluate Army Enterprise HR

Evaluate ARNG Enterprise HR

Evaluate USAR Enterprise HR

Module C: Advise Commands

Evaluate Adverse Action Per Prom Policy

Recommend Talent Management of Sr WO

Module D: Coordinate HR Core Competencies

Determine Strategic HR Support to Gos

Direct HR Supp In a Joint Environment

Integrate Enterprise Strength Management and Data

DL Requirements


Module E: Capstone Exercise

Capstone Exercise