Identify Military Postal Service (MPS) Responsibilities

Action: Identify Military Postal Service (MPS) Responsibilities

Conditions: In a classroom environment; given access to the following material below and awareness of the Operational Environment (OE) variables and actors.

  1. DoD 4525.6M, Department of Defense Postal Manual
  2. Postal Forms
  3. Postal incident with reporting procedures
  4. Transportation documents
  5. Guidelines for operating a contingency location

Standard: The student will:

  1. Identify components of MPSA and designate and terminate a Military Postal Clerk (MPC)
  2. Review and evaluate postal incidents prevent techniques.
  3. Identify and report postal incidents.
  4. Identify the roles and responsibilities of planning a contingency operation.

Lesson Content


DoD 4525.6M (Department of Defense Postal Manual)