Leave and Pass

The Leave and Pass Program promotes the maximum use of authorized absences to support health, morale, motivation, and efficiency of Soldiers.


AR 600-8-10


Performance Steps and Measures

Consolidated list of Individual and Collective Tasks

HR Playbook Leaves and Passes

SL1 Process Leave Request Performance Steps

SL3 Process Leaves and Passes Performance Steps

O1 Administer Battalion Leave and Pass Program

Training Packages

Training presentations by skill level

SL3 Process Leaves and Passes

O1-O3 Administer Battalion Leave Pass Program Slides

Process A Request For Leaves and Pass Training slides as of 22Mar17

Process a Request for Leave Training as of 22Mar17

Battle Drills, PEs, Vignettes, Injects

Battle Drills, TTPs, practical exercises, vignettes, and MSELs, for use in home station training and exercises.

PE1 Administer BN Leave and Pass Program

PE2 Process a Request for Leave Pass or PTDY

PE2 Suppl Process a Request for Leave Pass or PTDY

PE1 Admin Bn Leave Pass Program (O1-O3)

Toolkit Items

Any and all documents that might assist with the HR subject i.e. SOPs, SAV checklists, sequence of events, orders etc.

FAQs for Leaves and Passes

Leave Processing Timeline REVISED

PTDY Dates and Approval Authority

Leaves and Passes SOP

Emergency Leave SOP

How to Read an LES

SLA Presentation

SLA 4187

Selling Leave Days

Leave Control Log

Incorrectly Charged Leave Sample Memo

Leave OIP Checklist Example

Army Directive 2016-09 maternity Leave Policy

MILPER 18-058 Reporting Times and Early Arrival During Reassignment

MILPER 16-328 Clarification of MIL Leave in Combination with Pass

Demo Videos