ITAR – Maintain Postal Supplies

Conditions: You are assigned to a Military Post Office (MPO) and are designated as the Postal Supply Clerk. You will monitor the stock level of
supplies to prevent overstocking and ensure timely requisitions of items necessary to maintain operations. Specific duties include ordering, receiving and issuing supplies; inventory controlling (posting and inventorying), caring, and preserving of supplies; and the disposing and replacing of obsolete supplies. You have access to DOD 4525.6-M (DoD Postal Manual), USPS Publication 223 (Directives and Forms Catalog), USPS Publication 247 (Supply and Equipment Catalog), PS Form 1586 (Supply Record), PS Form 7380 (Material Distribution Center (MDC) Supply Requisition), PS Formx DDDP (Express and Priority Mail Supply Order Form Postal Installations), Julian Calendar, information on the current stock level of supplies on hand and maximum levels allowed, and standard office supplies and equipment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Inventory postal supplies and ensure items are issued, ordered and received, without error.