Man the Force (draft)

Man the Force

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Man the Force is an HR core competency. The objective of the man the force strategy is to ensure the Army acquires and retains the best the Nation has to offer in sufficient volume and diversity of skills each year to ensure the right people are available in the right places with the right skills in sufficient volume and affordability for maximum flexibility to embrace change and provide commanders human resources necessary to be operationally adaptable. The Army HR inventory must be able to ensure a force that is agile, responsible, tailorable and capable of responding to any mission, anywhere, anytime. This requires diversity of human inventory, readiness, agility and availability of the Total Force—Active, Guard, Reserve, and Civilian each capable of being an indispensable member of the Joint Force. Properly manned units are vital to assuring the fulfillment of missions as a strategic element of national policy. It enhances predictability and ensures that leaders have the people necessary to perform assigned tasks.

Subordinate Key Functions