Manage a Unit Budget

Conditions: As a Budget Officer/Brigade S8, you are required to manage your unit’s budget. You have access to the Financial Management Tactical Platform, DFAS-IN Regulation 37-1, Finance and Accounting, DFAS-IN Manual 37-100-FY, The Army Management Structure, previous execution, previous budget submission, budget guidance, and long range training guidance/plans. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Maintain a unit budget to ensure adequate funding is available to meet operational requirements by completing the following steps without error:
1. Analyze the budget guidance.
2. Determine the total estimated dollar budget requirement by Commitment Item.
3. Determine which requirements to finance.
4. Establish priorities of unfinanced requirements (UFRs) and decrements.
5. Phase the budget plan.
6. Forward the activity budget to the higher headquarters.
7. Execute daily transactions.
8. Prepare a daily Status of Funds.