MMT 12-TS-4006 Conduct Deployment/Redeployment Operations

Conduct Deployment/Redeployment Operations



The unit is alerted earlier for possible deployment and is given a tentative date for deployment to a specified overseas theater.  Installation and community units and elements are tasked to support the deployment. An externally resourced Soldier Readiness Processing Team (SRPT) is established, trained, and tasked to support the unit. The deployment order and the installation, community, and unit standing operating procedures (SOP) are present. The S1 section is equipped with operational automated Human Resources systems.   Threat capabilities include information gathering and a very low probability of terrorist attacks on individual personnel or equipment.  Threat capabilities include information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, and terrorist activities in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) environment. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

Required personnel processing is completed for all deployable personnel within the established timeframe, in accordance with (IAW) AR 600-8-101. Non-deployable personnel are identified and reassigned to non-deploying units. Family support activities are initiated and deployment briefings are conducted. Also complete all required personnel redeployment processing for all unit personnel within the established time frame and in accordance with governing regulations, the movement order, and the theater and unit SOPs.

Collective Tasks

12-BDE-0004 Prepare Personnel for Deployment (S1)

Supporting Individual Tasks

ALC805C-42A-3000Conduct Personnel Readiness Management (PRM)
ALC805C-42A-3030Conduct the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Process
SLC805C-42A-4033Manage Mobilization Procedures

12-BDE-0010 Prepare Personnel for Redeployment (S1)

Supporting Individual Tasks

SLC805C-42A-4051Manage Demobilization Procedures
WOAC805C-420-7000Coordinate Personnel Readiness Management
CCC805C-42B-7104Manage Personnel Strength Data
Pstl Ops805C-LF5-1230Conduct Postal Directory Functions