Supervise Cashier Operations

Conditions: You require cashiers to conduct business and you have Soldier and civilian cashiers working for you. You have access to:
a. DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, Vol 5, Disbursing Policy and Procedures.
b. Cashier cages or secure operating areas.
c. Field safes.
d. Written cashier standard operating procedures (SOP).
e. General Office Supplies.
f. FM 1-06, Financial Management Operations.
g. Local SOP.
h. Local Policy Letters.
This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: You will meet the standard of 100% accuracy when you:
1. Nominate for appointment the required number of cashiers required to support the AOR.
2. Investigate the personal history of the individuals considered for the position.
3. Provide written instructions to the cashier immediately after appointment without error. Ensure cashier read and understands the cashier’s SOP.
4. Train the individual selected for duty as a cashier in the handling, and accounting for cash and negotiable instruments, and in cash control.
5. Provide each cashier with a separate and secure safe, vault, or secure container.
6. Ensure adequate security and protection for funds and vouchers.