Theater HR

Action: ELO #1 Communicate Theater Human Resources (HR) Operations

Conditions: Given classroom instruction, assigned readings, FM 1-0 (Human Resources Support), JP 1-0 (Personnel Support to Joint Operations), ADP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations), ADRP 3-0 (Unified Land Operations, ADRP 6-0 (Mission Command), FM 6-0 (Commander and Staff Organization and Operations) and awareness of Operational Environment (OE), variables and actors.

Standard: Score 70% or higher on a knowledge based exam covering the following learning activities:

  1. Define fundamental principles of HR doctrine
  2. Define Theater HR Operations Mission
  3. Correlate Theater HR / Sustainment Relationships
  4. Identify Theater HR Staff Elements and SRC 12 Organizations
  5. Apply SRC-12 Rules of Allocation

Lesson Content

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Summary_of_Changes HRPO ELO2 HRSC

Summary_of_Changes HRPO ELO1 Communicate Theater HR Ops

PO_SRC_12_Rules_of_Allocation_(Graphics_and_Text Version)


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PO_Communicate_Theater_HR_Ops_ELO2_HRSC Nov 15

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