Finance and Comptroller Basic Officers Leadership Course (BOLC)

All Common Core Content requires CAC or AKO UID/PW

158-LO14003Communicate effectively at the direct leadership level
158-LO13012Correlate a Leaders’ Role in Character Development with Values and Professional Obligations
158-LO13003Communicate the Basic Concept of Army Leadership Doctrine
805C-CCA2A208Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP)
158-LO15003Transition into a Direct Leadership Position
081-HSBOGS37Mitigate Risk of Suicide
158-LO17012Develop Subordinates
805C-CZAISS05Recommend Administrative and Personnel Actions
158-LO14009Communicate in Writing
155-2971Role and use of Military History for Leaders in the Profession of Arms
805C-CEF42154Conduct an Overview of Army Battle Commands Systems-FBCB2
150-LO10030Manage Training at the Platoon Level
091-91AB31OConduct Maintenance Operations at the Company Level
701-2500Identify Joint Force Structures, Capabilities, and Operations
805C-CDBPMCSSupervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS)
191-0001Army Traffic Safety Training Program
071-BOLBRM1BOL BRM 1 (Basic Rifle Marksmanship)
071-BOLBRM02BOL BRM 2 – Range Procedures and Marksmanship Fundamentals I
071-BOLBRM03Range Procedures and Marksmanship Fundamentals II
101-92YFOPAComply with the Fundamentals of Property Accountability
071-BOLBRM04BRM 4 (Grouping Procedures)
071-BOLBRM05BOL BRM 5 Confirm Zero (200 meter zero)
071-BOLBRM06BOL BRM 6 – Field Fire I (75/175/300 meters)
071-BOLCRM07BOLC RM Pd 7 – Simulated Field Fire (EST/CCO/Combat Equip.)
071-BOLBRM08BOL BRM 8 – Field Fire II (75/175/300 meters)
071-BOLBRM09BOL BRM 9 – Practice Record Fire I/II
805C-CDBBRM10BOL BRM 10 – Record Fire
150-COM-0002CEMA for new Leaders
514-2110Conduct Troop Leading Procedures
181-1431Conduct Small Unit Combat Operations According to the Law of War
158-LO18006Solve Problems Using the Military Problem Solving Process
031-OBH27Perform in an Operational Environment Effectively
301-371-1050Implement Operations Security Measures
159-2025Explain the Operational Environment
071-071T1231Employ Small Unit Operations and Tactics
081T1001Evaluate a Casualty (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
071-ORLIE92BOLC – Dismounted Land Navigation Course (Day and Night)
PSB02021Resilience Training for BOLC-B/WOBC (Module One)
PSB02022Resilience Training for BOLC-B/WOBC (Module Two)
PSB02023Resilience Training for BOLC-B/WOBC (Module Three)
PSB02024Resilience Training for BOLC-B/WOBC (Module Four)
PSB02025Resilience Training for BOLC-B/WOBC (Module Five)
805C-CZAEOS03Equal Opportunity Program Training New Leader Level III
301-TCC1D01LArmy Continuum: Culture Through History
701L-200-1000Apply Concepts of Army Professional to Leader Situations
158-LO14006Prepare a Military Briefing
071-071T8050BOLC-Basic Foundational Combatives
071-071T8051BOLC-Basic Tactical Combatives
071-BOLCHG01BOLC – Employ Hand Grenades
551-BOLC2016Conduct Transportation Operations at the Company Level
805A-BOLCB102Interpret Personal Finance
805A-ADD36103Capture Unit Costs (Cost Benefit Analysis)
805A-ADD36101Manage a Unit Budget
805A-ADD36102Correct Errors in Financial Transactions 
805A-ADD36104Conduct Introduction to Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
805A-ADD36105Conduct Defense Travel System (DTS) Operations
805A-ADD36106Review Defense Travel System (DTS) Travel Documents
805A-ADD36107Review Defense Travel System (DTS) Travel Card
805A-ADD36116Conduct Overview of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Process
805A-ADD36108Conduct Commercial Vendor Services (CVS) Module Examination
805A-36A6110Perform GFEBS Distance Learning (DL)
805A-36A6129Identify the Flow and Receipt of Commercial Vendor Services Documents
805A-ADF36103Conduct E-Commerce Operations
805A-ADF36102Conduct Paying Agent Operations
805A-ADF36100Identify Components of the Disbursing Office
805A-ADF36101Manage Cash Operations
805A-ADF36104Prepare the Daily Agent Accountability Summary (DD Form 2665)
805A-ADF36123Conduct Disbursing Module Examination #1
805A-ADF36105Prepare the Daily Statement of Accountability (DD Form 2657)
805A-ADF36106Prepare the Statement of Accountability (SF 1219)
805A-ADF36107Resolve Irregularities in a Disbursing Officer's Account
805A-ADF36112Perform Check Branch Operations
805A-ADF36109Prepare a Plan to Transfer Accountability
805A-ADF36124Conduct Disbursing Module Examination #2
805A-ADF36110Employ the Deployable Disbursing System (DDS)
805A-ADF36111Conduct Cashier/Agent Functions Within the Deployable Disbursing System (DDS)
805A-36A6128Conduct Introduction to Commercial Vendor Services Operations
805A-36A6130Conduct Review of Commercial Vendor Services Aquisition
805A-ADF36118Conduct Introduction to GFEBS and Basic Navigation
805A-ADF36119Input Vendor Master Data
805A-ADF36116Identify Master Data Elements
805A-ADF36108Reconcile a Limited Depository Account (LDA)
805A-ADF36120Process Commitments and Obligations
805A-36A6133Process Prompt Payment Act Documents
805A-36A6132Process Non Prompt Payment Act Documents
805A-36A6131Implement Provisions of the Prompt Payment Act
805A-36A6127Conduct Commercial Vendor Services (CVS) Module Examination