The purpose of this course is to provide Soldiers in the MOS 36B with the tools necessary to perform all critical tasks involved under peacetime and wartime conditions. These modules address the content, guidelines, principles and procedures associated with the Finance and Comptroller (FCS) and Total Army Training System (TATS) training programs. The FCS and Reserve Component (RC) Personnel Services Battalions (PSBs) implement this course in a formal institutional learning environment. Technical task training, instructional methodologies, and delivery are analogous to what is presented at the FCS, Fort Jackson, SC.

Blackboard Quick Reference

Character for Army Professionals

Module A:  FM History and Doctrine

Communicate the History of the Finance Corps

Finance Corps AIT Museum/Heritage Instruction

Communicate SRC-14 Units and Positions

Identify DoD Financial Publications

Communicate Finance and Comptroller Information Systems

Orient Soldier to the Finance Technician Course

The Army Profession

Module B: Pay Support

*Mod B: Pay Support supporting docs

Interpret Finance Regulatory Guidance

Identify DMO Standard Inquiry System (DSIS) Elements

Identify Military Pay Support Roles

Identify Pay and Allowances

Process Transactions for Reserve Component Soldiers

Module C: Banking and Disbursing and eCommerce

*Module C: Banking and Disbursing and eCommerce Supporting Docs

Identify Cashier Responsibilities

Receive Funds as a Cashier

Identify Disbursement Procedures

Identify Collection Procedures

Record Exchange Transactions

Conduct Disbursing Closing Procedures

Input Disbursing Transactions into DDS

Prepare a Stored Value Card (SVC)

Conduct DDS Closing Procedures

Process eCommerce Transactions

Module D:  Fund The Force – Commercial Vendor Services

Module D: Fund the Force – Commercial Vendor Services Supporting Docs

Recognize Elements of Commercial Vendor Services

Communicate the Importance of Fiscal Stewardship

Complete GFEBS Essentials Training

Identify Master Data Elements

Maintain CVS Documents

Assemble Accounts Payable Vouchers for Payment

Review Miscellaneous Vouchers for Payment

Perform Basic GFEBS User Functions

Module E: Professional Development

Complete FM Certification DOD 101 Course

Apply Effective Army Writing to Correspondence

Define the Principles of Mentorship

Module F:  Situational Training Exercise

Perform Tactical Finance and Comptroller Functions

Employ a Sustainment Tactical Network (STN)

Conduct Finance and Comptroller Deployment Operations

Apply Data Management to FC Operations