FM Senior Leader

Financial Management Technician

Senior Leaders Course (SLC)

as of: 3 Apr 18

PURPOSE:  To train selected Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) to enhance their technical and tactical abilities as Financial Management Technicians in the 21st century and to perform associated critical tasks at Skill Level 4 of MOS 36B.  The graduate will be able to teach, evaluate, and counsel junior leaders, conduct training, and lead within the Career Management Field.  Soldiers will participate in a field training exercise.  The Instructor will seek ways to instill the 9 competencies of the 21st century Soldier in their Students.

21st Century Soldier Competencies
Character and accountability
Comprehensive fitness
Adaptability and initiative
Lifelong learner (includes digital literacy)
Teamwork and collaboration
Communication and engagement (oral, written, negotiation)
Critical thinking and problem solving
Cultural & joint, interagency, intergovernmental, & multinational competence
Tactical and Technical competence (full spectrum capable)

SCOPE: SLC produces NCOs who are capable FM Leaders, both doctrinally sound and technically proficient in planning and executing FM support as the Senior Financial Management Sergeant within a DIV/CORPS/ASCC G-8, or SRC 14 organization who are also effective communicators and critical and creative thinking FM planners. Students should align educational goals with the following educational outcomes.

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