FC Senior Leader Course

Purpose: To train selected Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) to perform duties as Detachment Sergeants or comparable positions at Skill Level 4. The graduate will be able to teach, evaluate, counsel junior leaders, conduct training, and to lead within the Career Management Field. Soldiers will participate in a field training exercise.

Phase Scope: This course is designed to train SFCs and selected promotable SSGs in leadership skills, NCO duties, responsibilities and authority, and on how to conduct performance-oriented training. The two major areas of instruction consist of Combat Survivability and Technical Training designed to prepare Senior NCOs to support operations in the Operational Environment. This course produces battle competent NCOs who are qualified detachment sergeants; evaluators; counselors; conductors or participants in individual and collective training; and teachers of leader skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Cadre personnel assess the students’ leadership potential and evaluate their ability to apply lessons learned to effectively lead their classmates in a tactical environment. SLC provides an opportunity for education, to learn warfighting skills, and to gain experience.

Module A: NCO Common Core Competencies

SLC Common Core References


The Analytical Essay 

Course Overview 

Contemporary Issues 

The Ethical Leader 

Give Feedback, Coach, and Mentor 

Analyze a Leadership Case Study 

The Combined Arms Team 

Active and Reserve Component Capabilities 

Mission Command Warfighting Function 

Inform and Influence Audiences 

The Rapid Decision and Synchronization Process (RDSP) 

Mission Briefings

Planning and Mission Rehearsals

The Basic Principles of Negotiations 

Training Management Plan 

Physical Fitness Program for a Platoon 

The Army Maintenance Program at the Platoon/Section Level 

Talent Management 

Financial Readiness

Module B: FC Operational Budget

Communicate the Role of the S8/G8

Define the Program Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC)

Identify the Principles of Fiscal Law

Identify Unique Funding Sources

Complete Command Budget Estimate (CBE) and Phase Plan

Determine Obligation Rules

Identify Common Funding Execution Methods

Identify Master Data Elements

Determine the GCSS-Army Process Flow

Identify Operational Contract Support

Identify Government Travel Charge Card Procedures

Identify Government Purchase Card (GPC) Procedures

Apply the Funding Economy Act for Goods or Services

Define Audit Readiness

Identify Resource Management End-of-Year Close Procedures

Communicate General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Functions

Create a GFEBS Spend Plan

Create a Funded Program

Process a Cost Transfer in GFEBS

Process a Contract

Process a Government Purchase Card (GPC) Transaction

Process an Outbound MIPR

Process Miscellaneous Pay not Subject to PPA

Analyze GFEBS Reporting Process

Module B1: PPBE Week 1

Identify the Cost Analysis Process

Analyze Economic Alternatives

Conduct Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Identify Financial Roles of the Department of Defense (DOD)

Identify Master Data Elements

Identify Military Construction Appropriations (MCA)

Identify Reserve Component (RC) Appropriations

Identify Single Stock Fund (SSF)

Identify the PPBE Process within the DOD

Identify the Research, Develop, and Acquisition (RDA) System

Identify the Working Capital Fund (WCF)

Jeopardy (PPBE) Week 1

Module B2: PPBE Week 2

Apply Administrative Control of Funds Procedures

Communicate Key Concepts of the Review and Analysis (R&A) Program

Determine Obligation Rules

Identify Key Elements of Auditing in the Federal Government

Identify the Army’s Manpower Management Process

Identify the Commercial Activities Program

Identify the Flow of Funds

Identify the Principles of Fiscal Law

Identify the Principles of the Management Internal Control Plan (MICP)

Manage Obligation Management Procedures

Prepare an Activity Level Budget

Module C: Disbursing

Safeguard Public Funds

Prepare Disbursing Statements of Accountability

Perform Deputy Disbursing Officer Functions

Conduct Central Funding

Manage a Limited Depository Account (LDA)

Module D: Culminating Training Event

Conduct Culminating Training Event (CTE)