HR CO 12-TS-4003 Conduct Personnel Accountability Operations

Conduct Personnel Accountability (PA) Operations



The Human Resources (HR) Platoon (PLT) Human Resources Company (Co) and/or Theater Gateway (TG) with Personnel Accountability Teams (PAT) is currently deployed conducting Unified Land Operations. Unit Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) are available. The section has appropriate connectivity to both Non-secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR) and Secret Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) Networks are established and are functioning. You have access to HR enabling systems that are essential to carry out this mission. Non-unit related and follow-on personnel are arriving at the Air/Sea Ports of Embarkation (A/SPOE) Personnel departing on or returning from emergency leave are also supported. Terrorists and other hostile force sympathizers are operating in the area. Threat capabilities include information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, and terrorist activities in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) environment. Some iterations of this task should be performed in MOPP 4.

Greet, brief, process, and coordinate transport for non-unit related personnel and follow-on personnel, as required, to their assigned units or supporting PAT element within 24 hours of arrival or as expeditiously as possible in keeping with the tactical situation. Greet, brief, and assist units arriving in theater in their onward movement to designated assembly areas. Assist and account for personnel in emergency leave status in their departure from theater or return to their assigned unit. Ensure that Soldier’s duty status is tracked daily and updated in Deployed Theater Accountability Software (DTAS). Obtain and enter personnel data for all incoming and outgoing Soldiers, DOD Civilians, and JIM personnel into the theater database with 100 percent accuracy. Provide theater ASCC G1 and HRSC daily updates on personnel information and strength related data. At MOPP 4, replacements will only be welcomed briefed on the tactical situation, and maintained in protected area with remaining actions postponed until a CBRNE environment is determined.

Collective Tasks

12-CO-1254 Provide Transient Personnel Accountability Support (HR CO)

Supporting Individual Tasks

ALC805C-42A-4027Integrate Identification Card (ID) Processing Requirements
SLC805C-42A-3473Manage Emergency Notification Data
SLC805C-42A-3231Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability System (DTAS)
SLC805C-42A-3103Conduct Personnel Accountability in the System of Record