HR CO 12-TS-5012 Conduct Casualty Liaison Team (CLT) Activities

Conduct Casualty Liaison Team (CLT) Activities



The Human Resource (HR) Platoon (Plt) and/or HR Company (Co) has arrived in theater. The Casualty Operations Division (COD) Human Resources Sustainment Center (HRSC), provides the platoon leader with assignment instructions for the Casualty Liaison Teams (CLTs).  The Human Resources Company or Human Resources Platoon coordinates receipt of equipment and provides theater required training and/or briefings. The tactical standing operating procedures (TSOP) for the HRSC and HR Company are available.  Terrorist and other hostile force sympathizers are operating in the area.  Threat capabilities include information gathering, hostile force sympathizers, and terrorist activities in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) environment.   This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Establish 75 percent of the CLTs at specified Combat Support Hospitals (CSH), Mortuary Affairs Collection Points (MACP), and division/corps G1 within 72 hours of arrival, or as permitted by the tactical situation. Establish communications with platoon headquarters, supported units, and Casualty Operations Division, HRSC within 24 hours of arrival at the designated work areas, or as permitted by the tactical situation.

Collective Tasks

12-CO-1231 Conduct Casualty Liaison Team Activities Human Resources Company (HR Co)

Supporting Individual Tasks

WOAC805C-420-7004Administer Casualty Operations in Theater
BOLC805C-42B-6108Implement Casualty Information Reporting
Pstl Ops805C-LF5-1230Conduct Postal Directory Functions