ITAR – Maintain Stamp Stock

Conditions: You are assigned as a Postal Finance Clerk in a Military Post Office and required to maintain an assigned stamp stock without violating tolerance rules while preventing loss or mismanagement of postal funds. You have access to DOD 4525.6-M (DOD Postal Manual), assigned stamp stock, Point of Sale (POS) terminal, Fixed or Flexible Credit Account to be Audited, Postal Service (PS) Form 17 (Stamp Requisition), PS Form 1096 (Receipt), PS Form 3368 (Stamp Credit Examination Record), PS Form 3369 (Consigned Credit Receipt), PS Form 3977 (Duplicate Key Inventory), All Purpose Dating Stamp (APDS), and a stamp pad. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Maintain the stamp stock by filling out the correct forms for issuing stamp credit accounts, ordering stamps, documenting daily balance of stamp stock and recording the daily balance of stamp stock on hand IAW DOD 4525-6M without error.