ITAR – Sell Domestic Postal Money Orders

Conditions: You are assigned as a Postal Finance Clerk in a Military Post Office and required to process postal money order transactions while preventing loss or mismanagement of postal funds with the following: 1. Ten (10) blank Money Order form sets. 2. Department of Defense (DoD 4525.6-M) Postal Manual. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Sell Domestic Money Orders accessing the correct fee for the money order, verifying the customer is authorized to use the Military Post Office (MPO), arranging the money order in the correct sequence to issue it, spoil the money order, recognize an altered or damaged money order, secure money orders, store money orders, advise customers about money orders, and report any money order situations IAW Department of Defense (DoD 4525.6-M) Postal Manual without error.