ITAR – Process International Mail

Conditions: You are assigned as a Postal Finance Clerk in a Military Post Office (MPO).  You are required to protect the mail, prevent mismanagement of funds, and assist customers requesting to send articles of mail to international addresses. You have access to Department of Defense (DOD) Postal Manual 4525.6-M,  International Mail Manual (IMM), PS Label 19-A (Par Avion Airmail ), PS Label 19-B (Par Avion Airmail), PS
Form 2865 (Return Receipt for International Mail), PS Form 2976 (Customs Declaration CN 22), PS Form 2976-A (Customs Declaration and Dispatch
Note CP 72), PS Form 2976-E (Customs Declaration Envelope CP 91), PS Form 3806 (Registered Mail Receipt), Label 200 (Registered Mail), All
Purpose Dating Stamp (APDS), rubber stamps, articles of mail addressed for delivery to international addresses, and standard United States Postal
Service (USPS) supplies and equipment. This task should not be trained in MOPP 4.

Standards: Accept and process international mail for authorized customers without error using the correct forms and endorsements, assessing the correct amount of postage and fees, determining if mail is mailable, and providing special services.