ITAR – Prepare Daily Money Order Business Report

Conditions: You are assigned as a Postal Finance Clerk in a Military Post Office and required to process postal money order transactions while
preventing loss or mismanagement of postal funds with the following: 1. Ten (10) blank Money Order form sets. 2. Postal Money Order Imprinter. 3.
Current listing of Missing or Stolen Money Orders from the United States Postal Service (USPS) Postal Bulletin. 4. Domestic Postal Money Orders to be
cashed. 5. PS Form 6019 (Report of Money Order Business). 6. All Purpose Dating Stamp (APDS). 7. Calculator with tape. 8. Department of Defense (
DoD) 4525.6-M Postal Manual. 9. Mailing envelope. 10. One (1) Label 200. 11. PS Form 1096 (Cash Receipt). 12. PS Form 3854 (Register List).

Standards: Prepare PS Forms 6019 (Report of Money Order Business), PS Form 1096 (Cash Receipt), PS Form 3854 (Register List) and assemble
money order vouchers and spoiled money orders then submit the money order report with 100% accuracy.