Profile Management Tool (PMT)

Profile Management Tool

The tool that tracks, projects, and manages evaluation profiles for NCOERs and OERs.

What is the Profile Management Tool?

The Profile Management Tool (PMT) is designed for any Rater / Senior Rater (or the delegate for any Rater / Senior Rater) to track, project, and manage evaluation profiles (NCOERs and OERs). It also tracks Intermediate Rater and Supplementary Reviewer evaluations. PMT includes all services of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) as well as Civilians (GS, SES).

PMT is an excel workbook which utilizes data entry user forms in order to assist users to input pertinent data for evaluations. It incorporates several built-in rules according to regulations and guidelines in order to minimize errors. PMT includes a Roll-Up View (depicted below) which allows the user to view all upcoming / open / working evaluations, and an Overall Profile Percentages View which allows the user to view a color-coded overview of their entire profile at a glance. It also includes several data fields to assist Raters and Senior Raters such as Upcoming Board Information, Career Notes, Projected Loss Date, Days Until THRU Date and Days Until Late to HRC.

What it is NOT

It is not a rating scheme! It can be used towards assisting in building a Rating Scheme, but each file is used for one individual. Rating scheme includes all evaluations in the unit.

It is not locked or password protected. (Macro-enabled excel documents cannot be password protected) Therefore, users need to remember that profile data is sensitive.

It is not the 100% solution – it will not apply all of the evaluation and profiling “ART”. It will still require the human application of the rules, regulations, guidelines, and interpretation. REPEAT: This tool alone will not make you successful at profile management unless you already understand the concepts behind profile management.

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