Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course (ALC)

ELO 0.0Course Introduction​
ELO 0.1Think Critically and Creatively
ELO 0.2Effective Writing for Army Leaders (Graded Separately)
ELO 0.3Integrate the Role and Use of AG Branch
ELO 0.4Unit Training Management
ELO 0.5Understand Soldier 2020
ELO 1.1Review Unit Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Operations
ELO 1.2Coordinate Command Interest Programs
ELO 1.3Monitor the Meal Card Management System
ELO 2.1Examine the Role of the S-1
ELO 2.2Review Correspondence
ELO 2.3Prepare Personnel Office Computations
ELO 2.4Determine Entitlements to Military Pay and Allowances
ELO 2.5Update the Officer and Enlisted Record Brief
ELO 2.6Review Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
ELO 2.7Review a Completed Evaluation Report
ELO 2.8Review Awards and Decorations
ELO 2.9Review Separation Documents
ELO 2.10Process Leaves and Passes
​ELO 2.11eMILPO Overview​
​ELO 3.1​Conduct Unit Postal Operations
ELO 3.2Review Casualty Reports
ELO 4.1Process Personnel Information Management (PIM)
ELO 4.2Conduct Personnel Readiness Management (PRM)
ELO 4.3Review the Process of Enlisted Distribution and Assignments
ELO 4.4Review the Officer Distribution and Assignments Process
ELO 4.5Coordinate the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Program
ELO 4.6Conduct Personnel Accountability
ELO 4.7Process a Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)
ELO 4.8Employ Deployed Theater Accountability Software (DTAS)
ELO 4.9Perform Tactical Personnel System (TPS) Functions
ELO 4.10Process Strength Reports
ELO 4.11Prepare the Unit Status Report (USR)
ELO 4.12Review the HR Authorization Report
ELO 5.1Perform Joint HR Operations
ELO 5.2Review the HR Structure and Doctrine
ELO 5.3Report HR Planning Using the MDMP