ITAR Post URL HR Individual Tasks
805C-000-1001 ITAR – Transport a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)
805C-010-8016 ITAR – Implement Administrative and Personnel Actions
805C-42A-1002 ITAR – Prepare Correspondence
805C-42A-1025 ITAR – Process Meal Cards
805C-42A-1043 ITAR – Maintain Records Using the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
805C-42A-1044 ITAR – Load Documents to the Army Military HR Record using IPERMS
805C-42A-1045 ITAR – Issue a Common Access Card (CAC)
805C-42A-1208 ITAR – Process Recommendation for Award
805C-42A-1219 ITAR – Process Semi-Centralized Promotions
805C-42A-1220 ITAR – Interpret a Completed Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)
805C-42A-1232 ITAR – Process Decentralized Promotions (PV2 – SPC)
805C-42A-1250 ITAR – Process a Request for Leave, Pass, or Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY)
805C-42A-1255 ITAR – Prepare Casualty Reports
805C-42A-1257 ITAR – Prepare Strength Accounting Reports
805C-42A-1259 ITAR – Create a Manifest Using the Tactical Personnel System (TPS)
805C-42A-1265 ITAR – Update Emergency Notification Data
805C-42A-1284 ITAR – Prepare a Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions
805C-42A-1291 ITAR – Process a Request for Personnel Actions
805C-42A-1303 ITAR – Interpret Entitlement to Pay and Allowances
805C-42A-1304 ITAR – Interpret the Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and Officer Record Brief (ORB)
805C-42A-1307 ITAR – Create an Ad Hoc Query
805C-42A-1308 ITAR – Perform Unit Mailroom Operations
805C-42A-1315 ITAR – Process Personnel Strength Accountability Updates
805C-42A-1316 ITAR – Prepare an Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Dropped From Rolls (DFR) Packet
805C-42A-1319 ITAR – Identify Human Resources (HR) Systems
805C-42A-1323 ITAR – Perform Unit Strength Reconciliation
805C-42A-2001 ITAR – Conduct a Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)
805C-42A-3000 ITAR – Conduct Personnel Readiness Management (PRM)
805C-42A-3001 ITAR – Review Correspondence
805C-42A-3006 ITAR – Prepare the Unit Status Report (USR)
805C-42A-3007 ITAR – Review Awards and Decorations
805C-42A-3008 ITAR – Process Strength Reports
805C-42A-3009 ITAR – Review Separation Documents
805C-42A-3011 ITAR – Review Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Dropped From Rolls (DFR) Packets
805C-42A-3012 ITAR – Prepare Office Computations
805C-42A-3013 ITAR – Process Unresolved Error Reports
805C-42A-3014 ITAR – Review the Officer Distribution and Assignment Process
805C-42A-3015 ITAR – Establish Records Using the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
805C-42A-3030 ITAR – Conduct the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Process
805C-42A-3039 ITAR – Perform Joint Human Resources (HR) Operations
805C-42A-3053 ITAR – Review Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
805C-42A-3054 ITAR – Review the Human Resources (HR) Organizational Structure
805C-42A-3060 ITAR – Conduct Postal Operations
805C-42A-3061 ITAR – Coordinate Command Interest Programs
805C-42A-3062 ITAR – Review Unit Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Operations
805C-42A-3103 ITAR – Conduct Personnel Accountability
805C-42A-3223 ITAR – Perform Tactical Personnel System (TPS) Functions
805C-42A-3231 ITAR – Employ the Deployed Theater Accountability System (DTAS)
805C-42A-3233 ITAR – Process Personnel Information Management (PIM)
805C-42A-3241 ITAR – Employ the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)
805C-42A-3300 ITAR – Apply the Human Resources (HR) Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
805C-42A-3406 ITAR – Review the Human Resources Authorization Report (HRAR)
805C-42A-3411 ITAR – Employ Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS)
805C-42A-3431 ITAR – Update the Officer and Enlisted Records Briefs
805C-42A-3463 ITAR – Process Leaves and Passes
805C-42A-3473 ITAR – Manage Emergency Notification Data
805C-42A-3474 ITAR – Review Casualty Reports
805C-42A-3488 ITAR – Process a Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)
805C-42A-3497 ITAR – Process an Evaluation Report
805C-42A-3498 ITAR – Monitor Meal Card Management Program
805C-42A-3499 ITAR – Determine Entitlement to Military Pay and Allowances
805C-42A-4000 ITAR – Analyze Personnel Readiness Management (PRM) Considerations
805C-42A-4001 ITAR – Validate Personnel Accountability
805C-42A-4002 Analyze Strength Reporting
805C-42A-4020 Process Line of Duty (LOD) Investigations
805C-42A-4021 Review the Evaluation Reporting System
805C-42A-4023 Review the Awards and Decorations Program
805C-42A-4026 Validate Unit Status Reporting (USR)
805C-42A-4027 Integrate Identification Card (ID) Processing Requirements
805C-42A-4028 Review the Enlisted Promotions System
805C-42A-4033 Manage Mobilization Procedures
805C-42A-4041 Analyze Human Resources Planning Considerations Using the MDMP
805C-42A-4042 Implement Casualty Operations
805C-42A-4051 Manage Demobilization Procedures
805C-42A-4056 Analyze Unified Land Operations
805C-42A-4060 Plan Unit Postal Operations
805C-42A-4062 Coordinate Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Operations
805C-42A-4064 Employ Situational Leadership
805C-42A-4065 Plan for Joint Human Resources (HR) Operations
805C-42A-4074 Communicate Officer Distribution and Assignments
805C-42A-4100 Integrate Legal Support
805C-42A-4101 Interpret Military Pay (MILPAY) and Allowances
805C-42A-4233 Coordinate Personnel Information Management (PIM)
805C-42A-4411 Manage Enlisted Strength Management
805C-42A-4412 Coordinate the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Program
805C-42B-6021 Manage the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Program
805C-42B-6026 Manage Officer Distribution and Assignments
805C-42B-6056 Manage Enlisted Distribution and Assignments
805C-42B-6100 Coordinate Command Interest Programs as a Member of the S-1 Staff
805C-42B-6101 Coordinate Unit MWR Support
805C-42B-6102 Administer Personnel Readiness Management
805C-42B-6103 Report Personnel Accountability
805C-42B-6104 Prepare Unit Personnel Strength Data
805C-42B-6105 Prepare Personnel Readiness Data for Unit Status Report (USR)
805C-42B-6106 Review a Personnel Asset Inventory
805C-42B-6107 Conduct Personnel Information Management
805C-42B-6108 Report Casualty Information
805C-42B-6109 Manage Unit Postal Operations
805C-42B-6110 Review Officer Promotions and Selections
805C-42B-6111 Administer Enlisted Promotions and Selections
805C-42B-6112 Interpret Military Pay and Allowances
805C-42B-6113 Administer Evaluations Reporting Program
805C-42B-6114 Administer Awards and Decorations Program
805C-42B-6115 Administer Battalion Leave and Pass Program
805C-42B-6116 Prepare Correspondence as an S-1 Staff Officer
805C-42B-6117 Conduct Human Resources (HR) Planning Using Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
805C-42B-6118 Administer iPERMS Personnel and Finance Records Review Program
805C-42B-6119 Operate Human Resources (HR) Mission Command Nodes
805C-42B-6120 Administer a Human Resources (HR) Metrics Program
805C-42B-7100 Manage Command Interest Programs
805C-42B-7101 Administer Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Program for Deployed Forces
805C-42B-7102 Implement Personnel Readiness Management (PRM)
805C-42B-7103 Validate Personnel Accountability Procedures
805C-42B-7104 Manage Personnel Strength Data
805C-42B-7105 Implement Casualty Operations Program
805C-42B-7106 Implement Postal Operations Plans and Policies
805C-42B-7107 Develop Human Resources (HR) Planning and Operations Staff Products Using MDMP
805C-42B-7108 Establish Human Resources (HR) Mission Command Nodes
805C-42H-8100 Monitor Command Interest Programs
805C-42H-8101 Direct Personnel Readiness Management (PRM)
805C-42H-8102 Direct Deployed Personnel Accountability
805C-42H-8103 Implement Deployed Personnel Strength Reporting
805C-42H-8104 Interpret Unit Status Reporting Data
805C-42H-8105 Coordinate Deployed Casualty Operations
805C-42H-8106 Coordinate Deployed Postal Operations
805C-42H-8107 Implement Human Resources (HR) Planning and Operations Using MDMP
805C-42H-8108 Develop Personnel Readiness Metrics
805C-201-0004 Administer Casualty Operations
805C-201-0010 Administer Personnel Accounting
805C-201-0011 Administer Strength Reporting Information
805C-420-6000 Coordinate Personnel Accountability Functions
805C-420-6001 Review Personnel Readiness Data for Unit Status Report
805C-420-6003 Authenticate Military Orders
805C-420-6004 Perform Personnel Office Computations
805C-420-6005 Establish Human Resources (HR) Data_Voice Communications Nodes
805C-420-6006 Conduct Identification Card Processing
805C-420-6007 Administer Personnel Information Management
805C-420-7000 Coordinate Personnel Readiness Management
805C-420-7001 Manage Personnel Accountability
805C-420-7002 Manage Personnel Strength Reporting Data
805C-420-7004 Administer Casualty Operations in Theater
805C-420-7005 Coordinate Theater Postal Operations
805C-420-7006 Manage Evaluations Process
805C-COM-1245 Support Unit and Family Readiness Through the Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program
805C-COM-2044 Recommend Individual for Award
805C-COM-2060 Report Casualties
805C-COM-2077 Maintain Accountability of Personnel (Status Report)
805C-COM-2079 Prepare award recommendation
805C-COM-2084 Provide input on personnel actions affecting subordinates
805C-COM-2145 Counsel a Soldier on the Contents of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report and NCOER Checklist
805C-COM-2407 Recommend Disciplinary Action for a Soldier
805C-COM-2472 Prepare a Duty Roster
805C-COM-3023 Prepare the Rater’s Portion of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)
805C-COM-3095 Coordinate Unit Deployment Readiness Activities
805C-COM-3594 Store Classified Information and Materials
805C-COM-4004 Prepare the Senior Rater’s Portion of a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER)
805C-COM-4359 Manage Soldier’s Deployment Requirements
805C-COM-4550 Prepare a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)
805C-COM-4597 Integrate Newly Assigned Soldiers
805C-COM-5042 Manage company sponsorship program
805C-COM-6003 Maintain Records
805C-COM-6004 Supervise Unit Postal Services
805C-COM-6005 Collect Mail
805C-COM-6006 Distribute Mail
805C-COM-6007 Maintain Unit Mailroom
805C-COM-7004 Advise commander and staff on individual Soldier readiness
805C-COM-8015 Recommend Administrative and Personnel Actions
805C-COM-8020 Supervise Unit Personnel and Administration Functions
805C-COM-8025 Implement the Army Family Team Building Program
805C-COM-9001 Direct Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) Program
805C-COM-9999 Serve as a Sponsor
805C-LE3-1000 Enhance Communications
805C-LE3-1001 Prepare Executive-Level Correspondence
805C-LE3-1002 Perform Advanced Computer Software Operations
805C-LE3-1003 Safeguard Information
805C-LE3-1004 Receive Visitors and Official Calls
805C-LE3-1005 Complete Invitations
805C-LE3-1006 Coordinate Social Events
805C-LE3-1007 Maintain Executive Calendar
805C-LE3-1008 Coordinate Travel
805C-LE3-1009 Facilitate Evaluations Processing
805C-LF4-0005 Operate the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) Database
805C-LF4-1361 Inspect a Military Post Office
805C-LF4-3501 Check the Acceptance of Domestic Mail
805C-LF4-3505 Check the Acceptance of Domestic Mail Requiring Special Services
805C-LF4-3508 Check Acceptance of International Mail
805C-LF4-3512 Control a Stamp Stock
805C-LF4-3513 Check the Sales of Domestic Postal Money Orders
805C-LF4-3514 Check the Cashing of Domestic Postal Money Orders
805C-LF4-3517 Check Mail Directory Operations
805C-LF4-3518 Maintain a Postage Meter Machine
805C-LF4-3519 Prepare Consolidated Business Report
805C-LF4-3522 Check Accountable Mail Operations
805C-LF4-3523 Check Processed Mail
805C-LF4-3532 Conduct Custodian of Postal Effects (COPE) Duties
805C-LF4-3537 Control Postal Supplies and Capital Sensitive Equipment
805C-LF4-3539 Administer Postal Management Information System
805C-LF4-3540 Monitor Search-Seizure Operation
805C-LF4-3541 Report Postal Offenses
805C-LF4-3547 Update Postal Operating Plan
805C-LF4-3555 Perform Audits at a Military Post Office
805C-LF4-3558 Identify Military Postal Service Responsibilities
805C-LF4-3560 Operate a Contingency Military Post Office
805C-LF4-3565 Operate the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) Database
805C-LF5-1201 Accept Domestic Mail
805C-LF5-1202 Process Domestic Mail
805C-LF5-1205 Process Domestic Mail Requiring Special Services
805C-LF5-1209 Process International Mail
805C-LF5-1212 Maintain Stamp Stock
805C-LF5-1213 Sell Domestic Postal Money Orders
805C-LF5-1214 Cash Domestic Postal Money Orders
805C-LF5-1215 Prepare Daily Money Order Business Report
805C-LF5-1216 Process Registered Mail
805C-LF5-1217 Conduct an audit of a Stamp Stock
805C-LF5-1218 Process Mail
805C-LF5-1219 Operate a Postage Meter Machine
805C-LF5-1221 Prepare Mail Transportation Documentation
805C-LF5-1222 Deliver Registered Mail
805C-LF5-1223 Dispatch Outgoing Registered Mail
805C-LF5-1225 Control Domestic Money Order Forms
805C-LF5-1227 Close a Registry Section
805C-LF5-1230 Conduct Postal Directory Functions
805C-LF5-1240 Maintain Postal Supplies
805C-LF5-1420 Prepare Claims and Inquiry Forms
805C-LF5-1526 Report Suspected Postal Incidents
805C-LF5-1532 Operate a Postal Service Center
805C-LF5-1555 Provide Postal Security
805C-LF5-3525 Conduct Money Order Business